Nutrition for Learning feeds over 19,500 children and youth in 127 schools (136 programs) in Waterloo Region from Elmira to Cambridge.

The WHY?

One in ten children arrives at school without enough food to sustain them an entire day


We believe that investment in our students now will result in positive outcomes in the future for them and for our communities.  Empirical evidence shows that good nutrition results, in dramatic drops in Type 2 Diabetes (up to 34%) and an ability to improve memory and  focus in the classroom, all of which increases their chances to engage in the classroom in a more profound way.


When HUNGRY MOMENTS  are recognized and satiated a basic need is met.

Childhood obesity has tripled since 1981

31% of grade 4 students do not eat breakfast

Our Goal

Our GOAL is to provide nutritious food within reach of all students regardless of socio-economic background. Together we can ensure that the children in our community attending school can have access to food so they can focus on learning.


We recognize that no two schools or no two students are the same.

 We work with our partners to ensure universal access in each school.

How Can You Help?