Nutrition for Learning offers universal access student nutrition programs in schools across Waterloo Region. Our healthy food programs impact the physical, cognitive, behavioral, and academic needs of children and youth in our community. We are a registered charitable organization first established in 1997 (#880648142RR0001) and offer over 140 student programs in all three school boards. (WRDSB -Waterloo Region District School Board, WCDSB -Waterloo Catholic District School Board and the French Language Public School Board)

The WHY?

Our mission is to support the overall well being of students and their ability to learn by ensuring that every student can attend school well nourished.

One in five children will not eat breakfast today – “Breakfast Clubs of Canada”

When HUNGRY MOMENTS  are recognized and satiated a basic need is met.

Research shows that students have trouble learning when they are hungry at school.  They are better able to focus and learn if they eat nutritious meals and snacks.  

“Ontario Ministry of Children, Community Services and Social Services”

Only 1/3 of adolescents eat enough fruits and vegetables

‘ Waterloo Region School Health Report”

Our Goal

Our GOAL is to provide nutritious food within reach of all students regardless of socio-economic background. Together we can ensure that the children in our community attend school well nourished and can focus on learning.

We recognize that no two schools or no two students are the same.

 We work with our partners to ensure universal access in each school.

How Can You Help?