We are all enjoying this summer break but we are also aware and preparing for September which is only a few weeks away. We look forward to our Student Nutrition Programs to be operational again in school classrooms once again in September. For everyone’s safety at this point volunteers will not be allowed in the schools and we appreciate the efforts of the school staff to run the programs in abscence of volunteers. Our hope is that volunteers will be allowed back in the schools later in October or November to assist the programs.

Our Summer Community Pop Up Programs continue to provide the much appreciated assortment of healthy snacks by local students and families that rely on our programs until September 2nd. As well our staff are busy planning on the reopening of programs and restocking our shelves and fridges for our 158 programs slated to begin in the fall.

All of our schools will be looking to raise funds again for their school programs and the links in the following page https://www.nutritionforlearning.ca/schoolfinder/ will take you directly to the donation page for the desired school of your choice. Any donations will be directed to your specific program at that school. Please share with others that may be interested in supporting the school program in your neighbourhood

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