Response to COVID-19 Closing of SCHOOLS
to ensure access of healthy food and snacks for hungry children

In response to COVID 19 on our school community who cannot access student nutrition at schools while they are closed Nutrition for Learning has responded by delivering food to various school locations in Waterloo Region to ensure students can continue to be able to access essential nutritious snacks and food items while schools are closed.


Your gift can help us to ensure that vulnerable children who can’t access student nutrition programs while schools are closed in our community can continue to receive nutritional food.   



Donate Now

To support local Student Nutrition Programs right here in Waterloo Region schools. 

Charity #: 880648142RR0001


Many students come to school hungry or do not have food to eat. By providing a nutritious breakfast to every student, we ensure that no students are hungry when the school day begins. A healthy, well-rounded breakfast gives children the same opportunity to learn that day.

We also have morning meals which are either meals during the school day (e.g. recess time or nutrition breaks) with food bins for classrooms. With enough funding for our nutrition programs, we can even support an entire school’s morning meals!



Direct to School Program Donations

Donate to the school of your choice and your donation will be directed specifically to their nutrition program by using the link above.

 Become a Monthly Donor 

For as little as $25 a month you can feed a child for a month at school.

Create a Fundraiser Page 

Create your own fundraiser and have donations go directly to Nutrition for Learning

Sharing to Support Local Student Nutrition Programs in Waterloo Region

Other Ways To Support

Leaving a legacy

Leave a legacy with a gift in your will

Please help Nutrition for Learning continue to ensure that the children and youth living in our community go to school well-nourished so they can succeed and support local Student Nutrition Programs  here in Waterloo Region schools

Nutrition for Learning      #880648142RR0001

OUR MISSION – To enhance the ability to learn by ensuring that each student attends school well nourished.

Planned Giving Officer – Brian Banks bbanks@nutritionforlearning.ca

519-624-5744 ext 225


Through a gift in your will you can:

Create a meaningful legacy – Make a gift that supports the causes that are closest to your heart, ensuring that they can continue long into the future.

Conveniently convey your wishes – A gift in your will is easy to arrange and can be made for any amount you wish.

Enjoy tax savings – A gift in your will offers significant tax benefits for you and your heirs.


Including a gift in your will (bequest) for Nutrition for Learning

If you have yet to make a Will, we strongly recommend speaking with professional financial and legal advisors. If you already have a Will, you can speak with your advisors about adding a codicil (a brief instruction that is added to your Will to reflect your wishes). By leaving a gift in your will you will keep the promise of tomorrow, and all the hope that goes with it.

Other ways to leave a legacy include trust deposits, shares and mutual funds, life insurance and gift annuities. Consult your personal and professional advisors about what works best for you.

Third Party Events

Nutrition for Learning is very fortunate to receive community support from organizations and individuals throughout the year.

Third-Party events (events organized by an individual or organization other than Nutrition for Learning; create a fundraiser of your choice, build relationships, public awareness and media attention in our community.

Third-Party events are organized to benefit Nutrition for Learning. They require little or no support from Nutrition for Learning, and use minimal Nutrition for Learning resources.

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