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Please complete this form below and return it to Tania Moser by email tmoser@nutritionforlearning.ca Once we have received your information we will use this information to help us determine where and when we can use your support with our summer nutrition program. 

As well, it is important to note that volunteering during this time has an inherent risk. We do not expect any of our staff or volunteers to put themselves at risk. If you wish to volunteer, based on the protocols set out on our website, we require you to review & sign the attached release.

For more information email Tania at tmoser@nutritionforlearning.ca

Why Volunteer


“Everybody I volunteer with is wonderful which makes it very fun!

  • It is the generosity of so many wonderful volunteers that allows Nutrition for Learning to happen!

  • We look for enthusiastic and caring individuals whose priority is the well-being of the students and our nutrition program in Waterloo Region.

  • There are a variety of volunteer positions available, with opportunities to develop practical skills in safe food handling, first aid, nutrition, and working with children and youth.


Time Commitment

Approximately 3 hours per morning or afternoon  shift.  (or both) 

Flexible commitment lengths (Sept – Dec, Jan – March, April  –  June, or you can volunteer for the entire school year.)


Enthusiasm to promote healthy choices and understand the importance of the Student Nutrition Programs for our community.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and take great care in protecting your personal information.

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Student Nutrition Programs

Nutrition for Learning is committed to ensuring that all children and youth, regardless of socioeconomic background, are provided with nutritious food that is vital to their physical and emotional development. Nutrition programs are unique, reflecting each school community.

Interested in starting a program in your community?

Contact us and we will meet with you, and provide you with information on how to start a nutrition program that meets the needs of children and youth in your neighbourhood and school.

Give us a call today at 519-624-5744 or email us at


Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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