Announcing – Nutrition for Learning Week  (December 6 to 10, 2021)

Community is what makes us different and we feel everyone has a rightful place at the table and should be given the opportunity to shine.

Nutrition for Learning Week, initiatives and partnerships offers everyone and organizations the chance to be heard and to bring a spotlight attention to food security in Waterloo Region and beyond.

Food is an integral part of school life. Whether it is served in cafeterias, or by organizations like Nutrition for Learning; offered as part of breakfast programs; used for fundraising or special events; or is a subject for curriculum instruction, food plays an important role in the school day.

The purpose of Nutrition for Learning week December 6th to December 10th is to help schools, communities, and community agencies to:

  • Bring attention to food security in waterloo region and beyond.
  • Bring together thought leaders.
  • Support organizations work towards healthy foods to build healthy minds.
  • Promote healthy eating, consistent with what is taught in the school curriculum.
  • Make the healthy choice the easy choice.
  • Support students in establishing healthy eating habits for a lifetime.

More information on activities and special announcements will be released over the next couple of weeks as we approach our inaugural Nutrition for Learning week.

Grateful for your interest and support.

O’neil Edwards Executive Director

Nutrition for Learning Week

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