“After an extensive search, Nutrition for Learning is pleased to announce that Erin Moraghan will be our new Director of Philanthropy.  Erin brings many years of public service and non-profit sector leadership experience to this position.  I am confident that Erin’s experience in cross-sector collaboration and her deep understanding of our mission to support the overall well being of students and their ability to learn by ensuring that every student can attend school well nourished regardless of socio-economic background will align beautifully with our values and aspirations.” O’neil Edwards – Executive Director

“I’m so looking forward to helping this dynamic team define the future of Nutrition for Learning’s community impact. With a career-long commitment to sharing the world-changing impact of proactive wellness, I could not resist this opportunity to expand the ways that young minds of the future are nourished and supported.” Erin Moraghan – Director of Philanthropy

A little bit about ERIN
Erin Moraghan’s mission is making a lasting impact on the whole and vibrant wellness of our communities. An accomplished entrepreneur and business strategist, Erin also spent over fifteen years in philanthropy in healthcare, social services, and the arts. A decade at Toronto’s University Health Network fundraising for healthcare research changed the game. This ignited a desire to elevate conversation, education, and change for equitable access to proactive, whole-life wellness for Canadians.

With this in mind, Erin helped found or develop some of Canada’s leading fitness and wellness brands, always leveraging the power of social enterprise and community action to advocate and improve access for both children and adults.

She believes that meaningful shifts happen through reciprocal, dynamic relationships, and is looking forward to helping deepen Nutrition for Learning’s impact through innovative partnerships and collaboration.

Contact Information Erin Moraghan – emoraghan@nutritionforlearning.ca

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