Delivering the necessary food to our children

0Nutrition for Learning programs include:
• Programs offer at least 3 food groups
• in class healthy basket program in all the classrooms
• student nutrition pod programs where locations are chosen that are appropriate for the school community to ensure access to the program for everyone.

Nutrition for Learning orders and delivers the necessary food items to most of our programs. Currently Nutrition for Learning has 174 student nutrition programs in schools across Waterloo Region serving over 23,000 students daily.


Current funding from the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social services will fund only up to 15% of the costs of a program and there is a substantial gap in funding for each school program. The schools and communities work to fundraise the monies required however for many schools fundraising in their community can not sustain their need for support.

classroom bins

Students served daily in our region

Number of programs

Number of years serving our community
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Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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