This is the story of Leeim who came up with a KINDNESS PROJECT which consists of putting labels on the various Nutrition for Learning food items in the Courtland Avenue School student nutrition program.  Everyone receives a nice little message such as HAVE A GOOD DAY so they feel happy and appreciated.

“We’ve seen a lot of great feedback from this project. We’ve had students that have come to us and said, “You know what, it made them smile for the day they needed that little extra push to kind of get through the day. We’ve had teachers come and say that they’ve noticed students starting their day more positive and just that little bit goes a long way. So having those nice positive messages to start the day when sometimes mornings can be challenging in our school.” statedStacey – Teacher at Courtland


Leeim is challenging all other students in all of the other schools in Waterloo Region to also do a KINDNESS PROJECT at their school.


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