VIP Child and Youth Worker

Teacher Renee Darrell

VIP CYW – Renee Darrell

Margaret Avenue Senior Public School 

Child and Youth Worker 

Grade or subject? Child & Youth Worker

Years of  experience? 16 years

What inspires you? The resilency of students and their ability to overcome challenges outside of their control.

What is the best thing about being a CYW?  Watching the students learn, grow and mature.

What is one of your hidden talents?  Sewing

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?  Never stop moving forward, growth happens even in the smallest things.

 As a educator, what do you consider to be your greatest superpower?   Building relationships with students.

Please share some interesting facdts about you /  hobbies /  interests.   I am passionate about volunteering in my community and giving back.  I am honoured to be on Board of Direcdtors for the Cambridge Food Bank.  I love being outside in nature and can oftenr be found walking my dogs or watching my son and or husband play rugby.

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