VIP Education Assistant


VIP EA – Holly Gierscher

Centennial P.S. Waterloo


Grade or subject you teach? EA in ACE Class

Years of Teaching experience? 9 years

What inspires you? My students inspire me everyday to find new ways of connecting with them. Their infectious personalities, love to create, willingness to try new things brings me such joy; when challenges come to light, it allows me to be more creative and fun so I can work to bring out the best in my students. The staff at my school and former colleagues in education are very encouraging and it helps me to do more and find new ways to help my students grow.  My family is my reason to be all that I can be and still reach for the stars. I want my own children to know how much I love my job and for them to see how I help and inspire others.  It is never  too late to learn and be a light for someone. 

What is the best thing about being an EA?  I am a people person.  I love working with both adults and children of all ages and as an EA, I get the best of both worlds.  My role as an EA allows me to show my passion in my work: being creative, joining in activities to teach and play with my studenets, and to be a strong team player with the staff in my classroom to help assist in how best to teach our studenets in order to reach their successes.  As an ACE educator, I have the pleasure of working with my students for a couple of years and it is amazing to see how much they grow in that short timeframe.  It thrills me to be a part of their lives and to know I’ve helped them learn along the way. 

What is one of your hidden talents?  One of my hidden talents is that I love to sing.  Yes, I am the adult in her car that blares the radio and sings to my heart’s content.  I am that EA who sings for my students to share my enthusiasm, enjoyment and fun with them.  Singing makes learning fun in many ways: songs to remember procedures, songs to learn how to rhyme, songs to move their body for morning exercises, and also to relax. 

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?   Be your best self! Don’t worry about what the next person is doing, you need to focus on your happiness and know that you try your best to better yourself. YOU ARE #1. The happier you are with yourself, the more infectious you are and that encourages others too.

 As a teacher, what do you consider to be your greatest superpower?   Communication is a big superpower I hold.  Honest, clear, positive. Communication between myself and my students is so important.  My strong communication skills build fantastic relationshipos with my colleagues also, which helps the work day flow well. 

Please share some interesting facdts about you /  hobbies /  interests.  I am a mother of two children (grade 7 and grade 4), I’m that big cheerleading hockey mom too.  I am a university student (part time) working towards a BA undergraduate degree. I love to camp in my trailer, go fishing in our boat, ride my ATV, swim, sing and dance, paint, etc.  I am a believer in trying new things and finding joy in my life. 

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