“We Can and We Will”

How the partnership with Nutrition for Learning is helping students in a Cambridge school grow and learn.

Students come to school each and every day with needs. Hunger and appropriately meeting the nutritional needs of children is top of the list. The long partnership between the Nutrition for Learning program and Christ the King Catholic Elementary school in Cambridge allows students to access healthy foods. This opportunity allows students to be able to have their most basic needs met so that they may learn, grow and play.

Christ the King Catholic Elementary School is a school in Cambridge, Ontario. There are 11 classrooms, 35 staff and 250 students. The school motto is “I Can and I Will.” When children are hungry, they are not focused on learning. It is evident that the NFL program truly helps make the students in the school live out the motto. The is available daily, accessible and valued by the entire school population. The overwhelming majority of our students access the program. We know that the program distributes approximately 190 meals per week. Some students come to school without and can access without being singled out. This program helps us to build a sense of community that there is something for everyone and healthy option

There is excitement on children’s faces to try new and different food. The children cheer for their favourite items and then ensure that their friends are not left out.

The instability as a result of COVID created many gaps. We are so grateful for the pop up opportunities that continued through the school shut down. We are also thankful to the Bobcats who continue to give their own time to store items, organize and distribute. These leaders include: Liz Almanza, Kyle Kooting, Carlos Pimentel, Ingrid Squires and Wendy Vreeswyk. Although hunger and barriers still exist, programs like Nutrition for Learning continue to help children to reach their potential.

Sherry MacDonald M.Ed, OCT


Christ the King

70 Acorn Way, Cambridge

(519) 621-6680

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