Children born in the year 2000 and later are expected to be the first generation to not outlive their parents.

The Need

Nutrition for Learning has been a registered charitable organization since 1997. We support community based nutrition programs committed to improving the learning capacity, health and well being of children and youth in Waterloo Region.


Research has proven that students coming to school hungry don’t perform well in the classroom, have difficulty concentrating, display behavioral problems, are less alert and are often lethargic. Our programs impact the physical, cognitive, behavioral and academic needs of children and youth in Waterloo Region.

Childhood obesity has tripled since 1981 partially due to eating foods high in salt, fat and sugars

31% of grade 4 students do not eat breakfast

Why Help

While hunger and poverty is a major social problem beyond the scope of our organization, we can ensure that the children living in our community go to school well nourished.

One in ten children arrives at school without enough food to sustain them an entire day

How Can You Help?